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A little bit of history of me

Hello, I am Anne, man, 51 years old from the Netherlands and it has been a year since I wanted to start unicycling. The background to this is a long story, but to keep it short: I wanted to start a new hobby and unicycling was an alternative to skateboarding for me. During the year I also discovered this forum, with a lot of great tips.

In January of this year (2018) I started on a Friday evening at one of the few unicycle clubs here. I started practicing along a wall rack in the gym and later along the wall with a borrowed unicycle. And so the Friday night became my regular unicycle night. I noticed that practicing only 1 hour a week was too little to really get ahead, so I wanted to buy my own unicycle to practice outside the club.

In April I was able to pick up my unicycle bought at a webshop during the Dutch Unicycling Championships event in Breda. Then I searched in my neighborhood for a suitable place to practice. In May I discovered that I could practice well on a public basketball court: flat and with a fence around it. There I first started along the fence, but soon I tried to drive completely loose from the posts. Almost every day I practiced a small hour there and at one point I managed to cross the field in length without support.

After a while I start practicing directly in front of my house, starting from a post. That turned out to be a lot trickier, because the walking path in front of my house is not perfectly flat, but that also went better. As a first step towards free mounting, I started to try starting from the curb. In the end, that worked smoothly, but it was now summer and by now it was too hot to practice because of a heat wave and so I stopped for a while.

After this forced stop I continued from the curb. Unfortunately, things got worse and due to lack of motivation I started to practice less. A few weeks before the unicycling club would start again on Friday night after the summer break, I wanted to practice at home again. Unfortunately, I injured my left wrist after a terrible fall, which I have suffered for a long time.

The days were getting shorter, I practiced always in the evening (because of my work during the day) and eventually I found a few places where I could practice in the dark. In the meantime I have not been on the basketball court for a long time, but I use this new place to practice, both during daytime and in the evening.

I can now ride very short distances without support. I am also able to make left and right turns. I do exercises to learn how to freemount, but it seems that I have to practice a lot, maybe months. There are videos on the internet with step by step instructions how to free mount, but none of them seem to work for me.

I still enjoy unicycling, and although I am a very slow learner, I will continue practising for the time being.
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