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Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your wrist injury. I hope you are wearing wrist protection. As a beginner, I decided to buy wrist guards after falling hard onto my hands. I was also a slow learner, but I devoted a lot of time to learning. As a beginner, I typically practiced 1.5 hours at a time, and I forced myself to keep practicing after initially getting tired. Learning took a lot of work, but the joy I feel while unicycling made all practice worth it. And there are always new techniques to learn. Congratulations on riding short distances and learning to make turns. Learning to mount is going to be important once you are able to ride longer distances. As a beginner I used the tire grab mount. It is not very elegant, but it gets the job done. Now it is harder to practice because the days are shorter. That may be easier when the days get longer. Keep us posted on your progress.
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