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I tried to post this in the thread 'Eli Brill and Chris Huriwai Beginner Tutorials', but for some strange reason I am not allowed to post there, so I tried to post it here.

I have been practicing for over a year now and I still consider myself a beginner. For me, this type of video tutorials mainly means inspiration and both videos are beautifully made. The problem I have with almost all of these videos is that they mainly show how well the maker masters the skills and not the troubles that a beginner experiences. A number of things I see in the two videos are impossible for me, for example how Chris shows in his video from the second minute on how he gets on with the pedals horizontal and a hand against the wall.
At this moment I am practicing freemounting separately. No video seems to help me with that. It seems that the only way is to try it endlessly in the hope that I will one day succeed.
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