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Originally Posted by unijohn View Post
The problem I have with almost all of these videos is that they mainly show how well the maker masters the skills and not the troubles that a beginner experiences.
Not to pick on Eli Brill, but he basically demonstrates the beginners' mount the way he does a mount, not a beginner. He suggests that he's putting very little weight on the first pedal (demonstrating the principle by stepping on his friend's stomach while unweighting). But, my impression from the video is that he's performing a static mount, counteracting weight-on-the pedal with weight-on-the-seat...which is somewhat different from a jump with one foot on the pedal.

Most of my own learning process involved using "disposable" techniques. The way I initially learned was fundamentally a dead-end but acted as a bridge towards proper technique. Examples: Using a crutch, tire-grab mount, 6:00/12:00 mount, roll-back mount, and hands-flailing in the air. Arguably, it would be easier to learn the "right way" from the beginning, but this may not be possible for not-so-terribly-talented riders such as myself.
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