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Originally Posted by onebadjesus View Post
I heard the next location!
Ready for it...
Orcas Island, WA, USA
Please tell us more about your upcoming convention!
Originally Posted by As Stupid Does View Post
You must have heard wrong. Quick, get booked for East Sound, Orcas Island.
Wow, a new user account created just to post a comment. I haven't seen that in a long time!
Originally Posted by Eric aus Chemnitz View Post
Has there been any decision yet? I've also heared about Brixen in Switzerland and Erfurt in Germany.
Somebody mentioned Germany to me, but that's all I know. If it's there, it's going to be huge. Germany is probably the biggest unicycling country in Europe, and kind of in the middle of all the other uni countries, so it should draw a whopping crowd!

Wherever it is, I'll be there. Now that I'm back from NAUCC, I'm starting to prepare for Unicon 19 in Ansan, South Korea!

BTW, I tried to look up Brixen in Switzerland. Google Maps says it's still in Italy, where Unicon 16 was... (and I'd go to another Unicon there anytime)
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