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Originally Posted by wobbling bear View Post
I have a dream: for Unicon Grenoble organize an OGOOW (Old Geezers On One Wheel) muni event (for the over 60) going down some mountain (easy ride) and just enjoy the scenery, talk to squirrels, and good beer for finishing the ride! So you can compete!
Few dreams are this easily obtainable.

Step 1: Find easy mountain ride.
Step 2: Put OGOOW (Old Geezers On One Wheel) muni event on workshop list.
Step 3: Do OGOOW (Old Geezers On One Wheel) muni event.
Step 4: Drink beer. (Finding good beer in France may be the hardest part of this list)

If you want that to be a competition, you need to get new priorities.

Unicon is a world championship, and a convention. I think both parts are important, but they don't mix well. A social area, workshop board and open gyms for everyone to practice in are important so the convention part is there, and it's an event for non competitors.

But you can't make competitions to suit everyone. There was a complaint filed in Brixen about the trials lines being "too difficult". The Trials director then showed that one of the lines was completable without even hopping. I find a lot of people are way too proud of "competing in world championship", which sounds good to non unicyclist, but in reality is zero indication of skill.
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