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Uni CX is a thing.
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Originally Posted by DaUniGuy View Post
I would like that as well. My first NAUCC was in 2014 put on by the Twin Cities Unicycle Club. My second was 2015 that the Madison Unicyclist hosted. I had a blast! Both of these events by these clubs seemed to put a big emphasis on the beginner unicyclist and promoting the sport to guys and gals like me who will never win any competitions.

They had lots of clinics and classes that I attended and learned so much from. Sone of the clinics I remember that I attended were five minutes next trick, mounts for everyone, learning to unicycle and several I can't remember the name of. I am a club of one. Anything I learn is done by trial and error and You-Tube videos by myself so the learning curve can be slow and frustrating. Getting some assistance and tutoring was very special for me.

It seems like the last few NAUCC's the emphasis was focused on the competition aspect of our sport. I was a little disappointed when I saw that the NAUCC this year that there was very little scheduled for low skilled guys like me. Other then the Street workshop (which sounds like a Hoot) but still requires a some good basic skills even for the entry level tricks.

That's fine, the host clubs puts forth a lot of effort to put these on and do a great job so for that I thank them for their efforts. Just want to point out there are a whole lot of hacks like me out there who would like to attend so keep us in mind.

My days of competition are over and if I can make it this year I planned on attending as a participant not a competitor. I will just hang out in the gym and at the skate park and pester those of you with talent for some pointers enjoy the scenery and a few cold beers and the beautiful scenery.
Thanks for the feedback.

The workshops available at a uni convention (NAUCC or Unicon) depend upon people offering to host them. The years you attended were hosted by the two largest active clubs who attend NAUCCs. Both years were great.

Many of the other NAUCCs have been hosted by smaller clubs (although 2018 was from the 3rd largest, RTUC) and depend on non-locals to step in and help out as directors and workshop leaders.

So- I'd encourage anyone on the fence to attend an NAUCC. First, as a competitor. Not because you're likely to win, but because if you can ride a unicycle you should race it - BECAUSE IT'S FUN! Cyclocross (especially) is for EVERYONE who can ride and freemount their unicycle on terrain as technical as a grassy field. And, the party atmosphere is encouraged. There should be handups, High 5s, and general shenanigans along with racing.

This year's NAUCC is in Fort Collins, CO. We've pretty much nailed down New Belgium Brewing as the site for Cyclocross. They've been a long time supporter of fun on two wheels for all ages. Now they're offering to host us for a day of fun on one.

The NAUCC 2019 host club is small. They are doing a great job at getting a full schedule and working hard at making this a great uni event- the best in the USA this year. Getting the venues and logistics managed are difficult with a small crew. They are enlisting a lot of outside help. Workshops fall under that banner. If you can think of one that you'd host, please give it a go. Folks appreciate having options.
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