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Originally Posted by Garp View Post
Only 250km from my place
I hope to meet you there; I never miss it.
Originally Posted by DaUniGuy View Post
It seems like the last few NAUCC's the emphasis was focused on the competition aspect of our sport.
It's always a difficult balance trying to fit even more stuff in than the competition events; unfortunately they take precedence. Sometimes it works out great, but other times there aren't enough people, or enough combination of spaces in the right places, to make it work. I will always do my best to host at least one workshop. Other than Sumo, which is a different workshop.
Originally Posted by DaUniGuy
My days of competition are over and if I can make it this year I planned on attending as a participant not a competitor.
Not recommended. NAUCC is very much geared to enthusiasts of all levels, with plenty of room in almost every event. Do them for the fun of it! I used to win a lot, but these days I get (almost) the same amount of satisfaction for finishing.
Originally Posted by fetzenschorsch View Post
Reduce the age limit to 58 and I`m in.
Me too! A non-competitive Muni ride is perhaps my favorite activity to do at a unicycle convention in a new place. I'm very exited to hear about Grenoble, which I just saw yesterday!
Originally Posted by wobbling bear View Post
Sorry but for me good beer should not be cold !
Eww. I guess it depends how hot is is outside. Not Korea-hot, please.
Originally Posted by unigoat View Post
...(although 2018 was from the 3rd largest, RTUC) and depend on non-locals to step in and help out as directors and workshop leaders.
I understand last year they had a lot of trouble securing their main venues; originally the advertised Stevenson High School (my alma mater), but the school district moved them once, and then again, to where they had to find something outside of the district.

For this year's NAUCC, they advertise some sort of a Muni ride every day, which is a very attractive to me! Most or all of those will be non-competitive, which is my favorite kind.

Vive la France!
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