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Hopping at intersections and stop lights

Originally Posted by Piece Maker View Post
Speaking of which, what is your general 'stop at lights' method when clipped in? I mostly stuck to 'dismount and stand there', though I've seen a couple of videos of people hopping on the spot (My preferred unclipped light-stopping method). This seems terrifying - one wrong move and I doubt you could unclip from that position quickly!
I just hop while waiting for the light to change both on 36 and smaller. With guni it is not that hard to hop waiting for the light to change or traffic to clear remaining in high gear the entire time. I never idle anymore.

But then I hop onto and ride skinnies clipless.

If you need to think your way through unclipping I recommend you don't uni clipless. Still stands and hopping are the easiest positions to dismount clipless. And if you still think you need to ride out a UPD all the way to the ground you shouldn't think clipless will help save every UPD.

After a dozen years of riding clipless uni, this year on January 1st I finally had my first UPD still clipped in when hitting the trail/ground/pavement. It happened with a pedal strike to a low stump. I was on a black diamond trail in a very narrow spot between two low stumps on a steep descent on snow and mud. I don't normally fear pedal strikes if my foot will clear the object and the pedal and foot just 'step on' and 'over' the obstacle. This time I misjudged the obstacle clearance and pedal position and the foot stopped dead against the short stump. Seemed funny to be dragging the geared 26 along behind me. Still no injury. Proceeded on to complete the ride and continue to ride clipless.

One trick you may not have thought of is to turn your feet in the pedals (disengage the cleat from the back of the pedal) but not lift the foot off of the pedal. It will be like standing on a pedal and not being clipped in. As long as you maintain sufficient downward pressure you foot/feet will remain on the pedal unless you slide your foot backward.

This might also happen at times when you force a turn really hard and your foot unintentionally twists on the pedal.

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