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Originally Posted by vookash View Post
If it would be as a presentation, then I think Japanese freestyle would be interesting for outsiders. Especially the ones interested in artistic skating in winter olympics.
If it were up to me, I'd pick Freestyle as the discipline to watch. It's the highest form of "unicycle art", which is not to take away from the skill and athleticism of the other disciplines.
Originally Posted by Alan Hogan View Post
wow.... it does look empty.... by the look of things there were more people at last years unicon..... maybe its just an allusion because of the size of the stadium?
Unicon XVI was also the biggest-ever Unicon to date, with possibly double the number of participants. I think there were about 1400 at Unicon XII, but not all were into Track. Many Track racers were still outside the stadium in that picture, and the event was apparently not open to the public; that's all family members up there in the stands.
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