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Years ago, when I was shopping for a used mountain bike, I was faced with the same decision. I read that steel flexes more. Given the straight shape of a unicycle frame, I'm guessing that effect is minimal.

I have a Drak steel frame on my 29" and a Nimbus Muni steel frame on my G26. My other three unicycles have aluminum frames. Extra weight adds a feeling of sluggishness. So, everything else being equal, I prefer the lighter aluminum frames. Some riders have mentioned that weight saving is best done by reducing the rotating mass of the wheel. True, but the weight of the frame also adds some inertia.

I haven't had any problems with my aluminum frames (Equinox 20", Impact 24" w. 32mm bearings, Oracle 26"). The only situation where I imagine steel would outperform aluminum is in an unusual UPD where the rider steps onto the frame. Never happened to me. Or maybe you get pissed off easily and like to throw your unicycle a lot.
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