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Originally Posted by Piece Maker View Post
The main difference I've noticed with my 'expensive' aluminium KH frame compared to my 'cheap' Qu-Ax steel one is stiffness.
I have not been able to do an "apples to apples" comparison between steel and aluminum frames, due to all the other differences in setup on my unicycles. I am curious where you think the most significant form of flex is happening on the steel frame, and how much motion we are talking about.

I do have one annoying issue with my Drak (steel) frame that is not present on my other unicycles: I'm having trouble keeping the seat post from moving from side to side. I use a short handlebar setup, and with all the pushing and pulling on them, the interface between the frame and seat post doesn't seem as solid as on the aluminum frames. This issue could be attributable to other factors. Anyone else have that issue with a steel frame?
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