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Originally Posted by Albertosaurus View Post
On a unicycle it probably depends more on the type of riding surfaces. Lighter is generally always better. But if you ride in an area with a lot of small high frequency ripple type bumps, I would expect aluminum to be a little tougher on you than steel.
The way a unicycle frame is pointed in almost a straight line from contact patch to rider, it can barely act as a suspension, in the way a bike frame/fork can. Where you feel differences in frame stiffness, (as others pointed out) is riding uphill, and other times where you pull on the seat a lot. For riding uphill, as long as the wheel doesn't touch the frame, and the diskbrake doesn't rub, I don't care, it's just getting used to any particular setup. For hops I prefer a stiffer frame, as I find it confidence inspiring, but it's honestly not a priority.
Originally Posted by anton005 View Post
One other thing to note, and this might be totally anecdotal, I've seen a few posts about aluminum frames failing (cracking at welds). I don't recall any posts about a steel frame failing (other than the small diameter tubing oregon and night rider style frame).
If you ride aluminium frames hard, they will fail. My Impact gravity frame developed a crack after 7 years of hops over 75 cm, and a lot of Trials/Street/Flat riding. Outside of those disciplines, frame failures are very rare, as the forces are a lot lower. It's also probably not a really good evidence either, as virtually all the top riders ride aluminum frames, and they are the ones most likely to break parts.
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