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spoilers galore
I really didn't like this book at all...I mean I didn't dislike it, but it was really rather empty, and not very well written. The ending was SO CHEESY, wheee, let's drop crystal balls on the death eaters, while the kitchen elves chop at their toes, laaaaaaalala!!
Also, Harry was supposed to die, JKR only made him live to make the readers feel good about themselves...he was a horcrux and therefore had to be destroyed in order for Voldemort to be destroyed. Making him live was a cop out, to keep her audience happy.
Also, the epilogue was really rushed and empty...I want to know what happened to EVERYONE, like George and Luna, not just the trio.
But I did really like the chapter about Snape's memory. Because I always knew Snape was a good guy. And Dumbledore's backstory was fascinating too.

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I loved the last book! I am so glad I didn't go to this thread before I finished. I actually stayed away from the whole internet this week to avoid spoilers.

Rowling did herself proud. It was really cool how she worked around some of the stories to make the characters behavior make sense. I hope she gets inspired for another project soon, hogwarts or otherwise, this woman is one incredible storyteller!
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Old 2007-07-23, 01:44 AM   #93
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Here's a followup on the story of the Harry Potter leak

Harry Potter and the Digital Fingerprints

A few days before Friday's release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, someone leaked a (genuine) copy of the book widely using file-sharing networks and photo-sharing web sites -- photographing every single page with a digital camera. The quality isn't great -- the leaker evidently didn't have a nifty Internet Archive Scribe station -- but the text is legible.

Perhaps the leaker didn't realize that the digital camera he or she used -- a Canon Rebel 300D -- left digital fingerprints behind in every image. We downloaded a copy of the leak and took a look at the images with the open-source ExifTool, one of dozens of programs capable of reading the industry-standard EXIF digital photo metadata format. As the press reported, the camera's serial number is in there, along with over 100 other facts including the date and time that the photos were taken and an assortment of photo-geek details about focus and lighting conditions.
So the EXIF data in the images does include the serial number of the camera.

This whole backstory about the EXIF data in the images has been more interesting than the actual leak itself. It's the kind of story that gets my attention. I like to keep up on topics involving privacy issues and unintentional leaking of information.
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Originally Posted by Ohcrazyone
Yeah... Those so called "spoilers" were, like as I thought, spoilers of a fanfic called Harry Potter and The Seventh Horcrux. Which somebody renamed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

yea, I was starting to get kinda annoyed with the way the harry potter books got worse and worse, then i read the fanfic.....

book 4, 5, 6------bleah

i really liked #7 though..... it is a great finish to the series...
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Old 2007-07-23, 04:13 AM   #95
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Originally Posted by monkeyman
He's talking about how some people get off on randomly annoying people. This is, of course, stupid and immature. However, nothing can be done, because those "some people" will retort to any attempt at discipline with "lolz its teh interweb, ppl r stupid, just get ovr it...u dont have to read it or nething". They will then sit back in smug satisfaction, exuberant over putting another old codger in their place by exercising their right to free speech. The targets of their cleverly crafted trolling will then sit back and wonder what is wrong with the youth of today.

These two groups will probably meet up later in life. One of them will be digging ditches.
Ahh I see... Kind of... I dig ditches now then again I am 14 so not much else I can do a few other things, but that is it. Hopefully I will learn a trade at the company I work at free and also go to college. Although getting in the carpenters union is a sweet deal. Most other unions also. Hopefully I will not be digging ditches for the rest of my life. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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Originally Posted by john_childs
This whole backstory about the EXIF data in the images has been more interesting than the actual leak itself.
-- Not a Harry Potter fan!

I like the movies but haven't read any of the books. Like you, I am more into Exif. If one Canon SLR does it, they all probably do. I'll keep that in mind!

Interestingly, the EXIF standard also includes space for GPS data, which will probably be a feature on some cameras pretty soon. More digital fingerprints for the careless criminal to leave lying around!
John Foss

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